A non-commercial project
CHARITY AUCTION 02 / 04062022
The 2nd charity auction by XRONOLAB aims to raise the funds for UNICEF Ukraine.

The 1st of June is the International Day for Protection of Children, established in 1949 by Women Democratic Federation in Moscow, and until now the day is celebrated in the post-Soviet countries, including Ukraine.

PART I contains works by the international artists, who made their works after Feb 24 as reaction of war of Ukraine. A particular series of work is made by Lesya, a 6-year-old girl living in Lviv, who draws the warriors of Ukraine.

PART II represents works by the Ukrainian artists who are living in Switzerland now.

PART III contains artworks made for children and grown-ups, reinterpreting fairy tales, myths, and daily stories.

PART IV represents artworks depicting children and motherhood.

The auction has already concluded. Further details you can request at

Children of Ukraine (2022), NFT, 4+1AE.


Starting bid: CHF 1'100

LI XINMO / 李心沫 (*1976) is an established artist, curator, art critic, and feminist theory researcher. She was born in Yilan county in Heilongjiang, the PRC. In 2008, she obtained her MA from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. Li’s works were based on a variety of media, including performance, painting, video, photography, and installations. They have been exhibited in Toronto Photo Biennial, Prague Biennial, National Museums of World Culture in Sweden, Female Museum in Germany. Li uses art practices to explore her memory, dreams, subconsciousness and critially respond to gender and enviromental issues in human society. Her art practices have been documented in academic articles, including the “National Fine Arts,” “Oriental Art for Everyone,” and other professional art publications. Some of her works were acquisited by the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Östasiatiska Museet, Sweden), Ingallery (China) and other private collectors in Europe and Asia. In 2013, she cocurated the feminist art exhibition “Heterogeneous Body” in 521 Art District with the artist Cheng Meixin. In 2019, she curated the group art exhibition “In China” at the Embassy of Germany in Beijing, China.

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Дети (Children) & Де ти? (Where are you?), acrylic on canvas, unstretched, 200x160 cm.

Starting bid: CHF 1'750

ELZARA OISEAU is a Ukrainian artist, residing now in Switzerland. Elzara has graduated from Crimean Engineering & Pedagogical Institute in Simferopol. Since 2019 Elzara has been actively exhibiting in Ukraine, in 2022 Elzara has joined many group exhibitions devoted to Ukrainian art in the USA and Europe.

The presented work has a double title "Дenb" (meaning "children" in Russian) and Де ти? (meaning "Where are you? in Ukrainian). The work refers to the signs which have been placed on various buildings and vehicles, where the children were. These signs were often disregarded by the militants. On 15.04.2022 the artist has documented the following number: 198 children were announced dead, and 385 injured.

Little Brook (2020), sculpture, faux fur, holofiber.
LOT 16

Starting bid: CHF 880

ASYA MARAKULINA (*1988) lives and works in Saint Petersburg. In 2014-16 Asya took part in the artists collective «Sever-7». Asya is a fellowship holder of the program to support young Russian artists by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in 2015-2016; winner of the Credit Suisse Award for Young Russian artists at the Cosmoscow International Fair in 2018. In 2019 she received a special prize at the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award for the project «A room to rest» from the Institut Français. In addition, the project «A room to rest» was included in the long list of the Kandinsky Prize in the nomination «Young Artist. Project of the Year» in 2019. In 2020 she became a laureate of the Frants Art Foundation grant program for the artists of St. Petersburg. Asya works in various media: graphics, textiles, sculpture, animation, and installation – and also constantly tries new ones.

The artist writes about the work: "The Little Brook is a piece from the "Agents of Intuition" series. The entire series was created during the difficult year of the pandemic, and it spreads the anti-crisis message. <...> I wanted to make tactile, domestic works, that you can hug and touch. It is known that touch soft fabrics and fur of pets calms down the human nervous system. I wanted art to enter homes, since we missed the opportunity to see it in galleries and museums
<...> Once back in school, I was talking to my art teacher about work breaks, pauses, and crises. Then he told me: "It's important that the brook keeps flowing. Let it be very thin, just make sure that it does not dry out completely". <...> for the rest of my life I remembered this phrase and an image of this Brook."